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RELEVANCE. All developed countries paid primary attention to the key Issues of digital transformation of economy, public administration and social sphere. This topic is a priority on the agenda of international unions and organizations, which are actively engaged in harmonization of national digital transformation programs.

The Government and the business community of the Republic of Belarus also consider priority questions of the national digital market development, as well as its integration with economic partner countries digital markets.

To discuss the conceptual issues of digital transformation and harmonization of digital markets at the national and international levels, the Government and business community of the Republic of Belarus have taken the initiative to hold in Minsk an annual Eurasian Digital Forum.

The EADF Forum is intended to become an effective dialogue platform where business and expert circles, governing bodies of the participating countries and other international organizations will be able to discuss relevant issues concerning global digital market creation and jointly develop strategic solutions for regional digital cooperation.


  • Ministrу of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus
  • Ministrу of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus
  • NGO Information Society
  • Technics & Communications


  • Eurasian Economic Commission
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus
  • Ministry of Tax Collection
  • National Centre for Marketing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Digital Business Confederation

SCOPE AND SUBJECTS. The Eurasian Digital Forum is to be organized in the form of the regular annual meeting. The main place in the Forum agenda is allocated to the panel discussions of representatives of state bodies, business and professional community of Eurasian countries and directed to the Forum’s main goals achievement.

At the 2018 the main scope of the EADF was offered to discuss of conceptual issues of digitalization of international trade and transport corridors at the national and intercountry levels.

As the main subject of EADF’2019 it is proposed to consider approaches to the integration of the main elements of the digital infrastructure of national markets for the implementation of the priorities of the digital agenda of the Eurasian Continent.


10.00 – 12.30


Main topics to discuss:

  • International experience of digital markets integration.
  • Countries’ experience on digital transformation: success cases.
  • Barriers: administrative, legislative, technological, social and cultural.
  • Digitalization of transport& logistics processes.
  • The experience of national paperless trade systems creation.
  • Electronic trust services in international trade.
  • Trade procedures and electronic interaction facilitation for trade and logistics sphere.

Session of the Eurasian
Economic Commission

15.00 – 18.00

Digital Agenda Projects
of the Eurasian Economic Union

Within the framework of the thematic section, the results of R&D, pilot and key projects implemented by the Eurasian Economic Commission under the digital agenda of the Eurasian Economic Union in the following priority areas will be presented:

  • traceability,
  • digital transport corridors,
  • electronic accompanying documents,
  • digital industrial cooperation,
  • data turnover in the EEU,
  • regulatory “sandboxes”,
  • development of a digital ecosystem model to ensure the employment and employment ofcitizens of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • legal entities identification system.


15.00 – 18.00

Effective e-Supply Chain management

Topics to discuss:

  • National paperless trade systems & e-Logistics.
  • Interoperability of Single Electronic Windows (SEW) for foreign trade.
  • Transcontinental trade and transport corridors.
  • Digital transport corridors: platforms & services.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: services and systems for monitoring and product traceability.
  • Electronic documentation and information flow in the Supply Chain.


important to the following categories of LISTENERS

    • experts of trade associations and national chambers of commerce of European and Asian countries;
    • regional managers and experts of investment banks, commercial banks;
      employees of research and educational institutions;
    • representatives of state organizations and business circles of the countries-economic partners of the Republic of Belarus;
    • to specialists responsible for organizing information interaction and harmonizing the regulatory framework of the partner countries.


interested speaker categories

  • experts of international organizations (European Commission, ITU, RCC, World Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, etc.).
  • decision makers: countries participating in the EAEU and the Eastern Partnership, Belarus trade and economic partners countries;
  • heads of government, as well as representatives of government agencies involved in the development of digital market infrastructure, platforms and services for electronic commerce and digital transport corridors in the countries of the Eurasian continent
  • experts of trade associations and national chambers pf commerce of European and Asian coutries.
For event queries please contact EADF’2019 Manager:

Ms.Tatyana Filippova
Office: +375 17 306 06 06
Mob: +375 29 693 93 30 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
Skype: tatyanafilippova